ISO 9001:2008 (Design, Development, Repair and Servicing of PCB Assembly)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Q1.   What are the services that are provided by Kaynes Technology Mysore and Mumbai?

    Kaynes Technology provides the complete solution in the field of Electronics from concept level design, New Product Development, Validation of product, Proto type manufacturing of product including box built, Contract manufacturing of PCBA's and complete equipment , component level repairs of PCBA's and after sales warranty / repair services for OEM and Non OEM equipment covered by Kaynes. Kaynes has PAN India presence and has 09 manufacturing plants at Mysore. Bangalore , Chennai. Parvanoo, Siliquie and Manesar and one component level PCBA repair and R &D centre at CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai.

  • Q2.   What is the repair philosophy followed by your company?

    We have ATE environment with supportive equipment infrastructure to deal with passive and active components. We are equipped to deal with devices used to load application software on the PCBA. We do not believe in charging our customer for feasibility of board repair assessment. Only on agreement of repair quote and confirmation from customer we undertake repair of PCBA/Equipment. Complete payment amount is invoiced only on successful completion of repairs.

  • Q3.   What is the information that you need from customer for repair of cards/units?

    We are competent to undertake repairs without any technical information like schematics, functional system level information etc. However the repair process is expedited with high rate of reliability of first attempt successful repairs in presence of technical information. The commercial benefit under such circumstances is passed on to the customer without doubt.

  • Q4.  How do you test the cards after repairs?

    Testing of cards to a limited extent is possible at Lab level however cannot be considered complete as the information on various levels of Input and Output signals generated by the machines and peripheral cards used in conjunction with the repair cards cannot be established and emulated at lab level. Therefore the final and conclusive testing has to be done in the system/Machine to which the PCBA or the Unit/equipment belongs to.

  • Q5.  What is the source of spares procurement?

    We have a complete sourcing team at Bangalore which undertakes the procurement for the Kaynes group directly from component manufacturers or reputed suppliers with whom they have tie ups. This assures of quality and price competitiveness for the Kaynes Group. In addition for small quantities required for repairs we procure our spares from abroad suppliers from UK, USA, and Singapore. In case of repair of Obsolete PCBA or equipment We have to at times with cautions depend on local markets in the city for procurement of obsolete components not available abroad or on line.

  • Q6.  How much do you depend on local spares market for repair of units?

    Not on regular basis, only in case of components not available due obsolescence or old technology PCBA's.

  • Q7.  What are the test equipment that are used for diagnostics?

    We have ATE's, Programmers and other diagnostic tools/ Equipment details of which can be seen in our infrastructure section.

  • Q8.  What is the warranty on unit after repairs?

    There are certain issues related to the warranty post repairs, which needs to be considered prior to deliberating on the quantum of warranty post repairs. Firstly there is no back to back warranty provided by the component suppliers for the components procured by repair centre in limited quantity. Secondly the repair process warrants replacement of defective components only and not all the component on PCBA. There is no method to calculate or identify the residual life of components on PCBA that has been not replaced during the process of repairs and have shown healthy life during repair diagnostics. In view of these issues, we provide 3 months warranty for the components replaced by us (details as indicated in the service report) and re occurrence of same defect within three months after repairs. In case of Repair and Rehabilitation where large number of passive components and IC's are replaced on customers request and failure analysis we provide Six months warranty for repairs.

  • Q9.  How is the estimation of repair cost done?

    We do our estimation of repair cast based on complexity of cards eg. Micro Processor based or Hybrid or Analogue board, multilayer, cost of likely components required to be replaced, Level of engineers required undertaking job, possibility of warranty return etc. It may at times happen that the repair cost may exceed the cost of new generation board available in market. This makes the repair option unviable.

  • Q10.  What is the thumb rule for the repair cost acceptability?

    Generally decision on cost of repair viability is left to customer as invariably the cost of new PCBA is known to him, we can definitely give our inputs as regards efforts on repairs. However as a thumb rule the moment cost of repairs exceeds 45 to 50% of cost of new board repairs are commercially not viable barring where no options are left.

  • Q11.  Can you handle complete analog cards?

    Yes we can, Although complete analogue cards are more difficult and time consuming to handle as there are no ATE's available to give quick fix solutions. However using VI methods and other concept these can be managed.

  • Q12.  How do you check the passive components?

    By traditional methods and making limited use of ICT's

  • Q13.  What are the assessment charges for repair of cards/units?

    We do not charge the customer for repair assessment of the PCBA's

  • Q14.  Can your company replicate old cards and what is the minimum quantity to be manufactured?

    Yes we do specialise on replication of cards only in cases where the OEM support is not available or the card is of vintage and not replaceable by any other substitute. The minimum order quantity is 05. Since below this quantity we feel that the cost becomes unviable.

  • Q15.  What about component obsolescence and how do you manage that?

    Our Engineers are expert in obsolescence management up to component level by replicating the function of the component or redesigning the functionality of the board to maintain form fit and function.

  • Q16.  Can Go- No -GO test jigs for individual cards be designed and manufactured by you?

    Yes it can be done. Please visit our card level test jigs section.