ISO 9001:2008 (Design, Development, Repair and Servicing of PCB Assembly)


ValidationValidation is a process used to evaluate the job effectiveness / efficacy / relatedness of a practice, procedure, test or combination of these used in a selection process to ascertain that the desired results as per initial assumptions are being achieved in practice, validation includes the preparation of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ).

At Kaynes we ensure that all the aspects of validation process are followed in totality in later and spirit. Brief scope of functions that are covered at Kaynes while undertaking the Validation of products Designed and Developed by us are as indicated below:

Installation Qualification

The Installation Qualification (IQ) execution; verifies that the equipment, and its ancillary systems or sub-systems have been installed in accordance with installation drawings and or specifications.

IQ will cover und listed subjects:-

  • A.Verification of all components Part
  • B.Verify installation is as specified.
  • C.Verify where used, there is signals continuity.
  • D.Review all calibration certificates.

Operational Qualification

ValidationThe Operational Qualification Protocol is a collection of test cases used to verify the proper functioning of a system. The operational qualification test requirements are defined in the Functional Requirements Specification. Operational Qualification is usually performed before the system is released for use

OQ will cover under listed subjects:-

  • A.Each screen accepts the appropriate data
  • B.That system security has been properly implemented

Each step of the qualification should include an instruction, an expected result, and the actual result. Any discrepancy between the expected result and the actual result should be tracked as a deviation. Deviations should be resolved before validation is complete

Performance Qualification

Performance Qualifications are a collection of test cases used to verify that a system performs as expected under simulated real-world conditions. The performance qualification tests requirements defined in the User Requirements Specification (or possibly the Functional Requirements Specification). Sometimes the performance qualification is performed by power users as the system is being released.

Some of the projects designed and developed by us for various customer and in house for which we have undertaken validation process are

  1. Power Supplies for Gas Filling Stations
  2. Power Supplies for Earth Moving Equipment
  3. Selective Frequency Meter for Signaling System
  4. Card Level Test Jigs for PCB of DC Chopper Modules
  5. Card Level Test Jigs for PCB of Control Rack of Traction System