ISO 9001:2008 (Design, Development, Repair and Servicing of PCB Assembly)


Access Controlled , ESD safe , Dust free environment of 2700 Sq. Ft. Encompassing Board Room /Training cum meeting Room, Technical Area, office accommodation and Spares and customer repairable inventory.
 Man Power
A Team of 15 Employees including Commercial, Sourcing and 12 Technical members.

Equipment Suit

Equipment Description
Equipment Specifications
Model and Manufacturer details
1 In Circuit Tester Q Max V200 in circuit Tester V 200 -9696/3 Q Max
2 Functional Test Jigs for Card Level test Hardware and software Development PCB level functional Test Jig for Three Phase Loco, EMU and Power Sector Units All PCB level test jigs developed in house verified and validated
3 Calibrated General Purpose Measuring Instrument Multimeters Fluke
Fluke - 117
4 PC Based Video microscope Microscope and Visual image amplifier with PC based projection system installed MKM
Micro -1
5 Rework Station Max and Weller Stations WMD – 3
6 Soldering / De Soldering Equipment Inde Rework Station MFRS400 Inde
7 100 MHz Digital Oscillosccope Oscilloscope HP 54600B
8 EPROM Programmer Programmmer Lab Tool 48 Lab Tool 48
9 IC Tester Out of Circuit IC testing Kitek DICT-03
10 Exclusive R & D Facility Microchip Platform for PIC Micro Controller, 8051 Platform, CPLD, FPGA Zylinx Platform NI Platform NI System
11 Design and Simulation Software Proutes, National Instrument, Power Integration, Tina from Texas Instrumentation, Codan's ORCAD NI Systems
12 Computerised Record Keeping Receipt Issue Inspection Spares Despatch every detail entered on ERP ERP
  • In Circuit Tester
  • Functional Test Jigs for Card Level test
  • Test Program for Each Type of Card
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • De-ionized Water Plant
  • Washing Equipment
  • Spraying Equipment
  • Conformal Coating Remover
  • Calibrated General Purpose Measuring Instrument
  • ESD Safe Work Bench
  • PC Based Video microscope
  • Rework Station
  • Soldering / De Soldering Equipment
  • Back up Power
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • EPROM Programmer
  • IC Tester
  • Q Max V200 in circuit Tester
  • PCB level functional Test Jig for EMU
  • Test Program for each UUT held
  • PCI Ultrasonic Tester
  • Substitute De Mineralised Water in Use
  • Portable washing equipment used
  • Portable Spray Equipment Used
  • Conformal Coating remover
  • Multimeters
  • work Benches with ESD Safe Mat and Heel Grounding
  • Microsccope
  • Max and Weller Stations
  • Inde Rework Station
  • Inverter
  • HP 54600B
  • Lab View 48
  • Kitek universal IC Tester

Customer inventory and Spares Management

An Air-conditioned, Humidity Controlled and ESD proof Storage area is marked for custody of customer owned items received for repair, customer owned Item in waiting for despatch post repairs, Spares required for repairs and consumables used in the repair process. The area is dust free and has earmarked location for each category of spares and customer units.
The complete accounting of the customer supplied inventory, Spare parts inventory, Consumable, Infrastructure equipment and fixed assets is being recorded and maintained on Electronic Media. The ERP system in place allows audit and easy access to the inventory held with the company at any given point of time.
The ERP system allows management, procurement, technical and accounting functions thereby making it most comprehensive information system on line. The data base is across the company and allows access from remote location.