ISO 9001:2008 (Design, Development, Repair and Servicing of PCB Assembly)

Design Development and Indigenisation

Power Supply

Power supply is an important and integral part of the system, its robust and sturdy design is an important aspect of reliability of the unit. We have been instrumental in re design of Power supply for the Gas dispensation system and the logistic weight lifting equipment. We have successfully designed and developed and supplied SMPS and Conventional Linear Power Supplies.

Card Level Test Jigs

We have developed expertise in development of card level test jigs based on IEEE and

Customised Modules

Kaynes has developed the modules based on the black box concept keeping the end customers requirement in mind. We map the inputs available with the customer set up and based on end requirements of customer develop the modules. We can therefore provide Concept – Design – Proto Type Development – validation – manufacture – Warranty and after warranty support for the units developed by the customer or manufacturer.

Interface Modules

Having experience and expertise in repair of vintage technology and development of black box modules we have the convenience of developing the interface modules between the two units or systems.

Protocol Converter

Card Level Redesign

We can redesign an existing card or unit to encompass the present day requirement of customer requiring changes in hardware and software.